Testing for Covid-19

Do you need to check if you have had Covid-19?

If you think that you have or have had Covid-19, you can book a test. The test is free.

You need a Swedish social security number (personnummer) and a BankID to book the test. Please find more informations regarding testing for Covid-19 here

If you do not have a Swedish social security number (personnummer) and a BankID, please contact any one of the following health centres to book the test:

Capio Health Centre Kungsholmen

Tel 08-120 289 60 (Mon-Fri 8.00-17.00)
Address: Hantverkargatan 2D, 1st floor.


Capio Health Centre Södermalm

Tel 08-555 104 00 (Mon-Fri 8.00 -17.00)
Address: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 25, 4th floor.