Health Clearance for visiting students

A Health Clearance is required of all students attending placement on a healthcare programme within the Region Stockholm (SLL), or services that have an agreement with SLL. The purpose of the Health Clearance is to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare work. The form should be completed and signed by a physician or nurse practitioner and can be found below.

Please read the information below before completing the form.

Tuberculosis (TB)

In order to verify that the student is free from communicable TB, they must undergo a TB risk assessment and symptom screening. If the student originates from a high TB burden country (see separate list of countries) and has lived there for the last 5 years or spent 3 months or longer there, and/or if they came into contact with tuberculosis and/or TB symptoms, a tuberculin skin test, TST (PPD /Mantoux) or IGRA (QuantiFERON) test performed within the past 12 months is required. In the case of a positive TB test result, a follow-up chest x-ray is required in order to confirm or dismiss evidence of active tuberculosis, as both TST and IGRA blood tests may show false positive results.

It is advisable for students to do the TB test at least 10 weeks prior to their departure for Sweden, as chest x-ray findings that are suggestive of pulmonary tuberculosis may lead to the necessity for further testing. If results are positive, the student will need to be treated for a period of at least six months before being cleared for participation in a healthcare programme within the Region Stockholm.

No restrictions apply to students with latent tuberculosis (LTBI).

Immunization coverage

It is highly recommended, but not mandatory, for students to be vaccinated (if not immune) against:

Hepatitis B - Varicella (chickenpox)



MRSA screening

A MRSA screening test is recommended.

A new test will be done upon arrival at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm.

Please note that wounds, eczema and damaged skin are risk factors for the spread of infections and ought to be treated before departure to Sweden.