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Blog During Your Exchange Studies

Join me on my exchange studies - from Sweden!

We encourage outbound exchange students to document the experience by writing a blog, sharing an Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media account, so that fellow students can follow your exchange studies abroad from home.

Blogs from last year

Emma, Biomedical Laboratory Science, Portugal (Spring 2017) - in Swedish

Eveline, Biomedicine, Singapore (Spring 2017)

Angelica, Physiotherapy, Japan (Summer 2017) - in Swedish

Leire, Public Health Sciences, Chile (Spring 2017)

Hanna-Marie and Louise, Radiography, Malta (Spring 2017) - in Swedish

Sama, Radiography, Portugal (Spring 2017) - in Swedish

Do you want to share your experiences?

If you are on exchange studies, or are on your way, and interested in sharing your blog, Instagram account or another social media, please contact Giulia Grillo Mikrut who will add your story here.

Please note that we currently cannot offer a blog platform, but you can easily set one up on i.e. Blogger, Medium, Penzu, Tumblr, or WordPress, and then send the link to Karin.