För studenter på kursen Oral Biomedicin 1 kurskod 2TL051

Denna kurs ges på termin 1 på tandläkarprogrammet.
Kursen ges på engelska.

Kursen omfattar tre moment.



Kursen är uppdelad i tre moment:

Cell- och molekylärbiologi, 4 hp

Allmän och medicinsk kemi, 6 hp

Embryologi, 1,5 hp

Mer information om dessa moment finns i kursplanen[MH1] .

I kursplanen kan du också hitta information om kursböcker.

Obligatorisk litteratur:

Essential cell biology,

Alberts, Bruce

Fifth edition. : W.W. Norton and Company, 2019 - 734 pages ISBN:9780393680393  LIBRIS-ID:5gf2g9ln3s6t33vl


Fundamentals of general, organic, and biological chemistry 

McMurry, John; Ballantine, David S.; Hoeger, Carl A.; Peterson, Virginia E.; Madsen, Sara; Meert, Christel; Pearson, Andrew, eighth edition : Pearson, 2017 - 971 sidor ISBN:9780134015187  LIBRIS-ID:jszqwtjhgdhb6np1  


OBS!! Den även finns som häftad upplaga med ISBN 9781292123462 . ISBN: 9781292123615 också funkar. Mastering Chemistry är inte nödvändigt. Köp den som är billigast.


Embryology : an illustrated colour text,

Mitchell, Barry; Sharma, R. 2. ed.. : Edinburgh : Churchill Livingstone, cop. 2009. - vii, 85 s. ISBN:978-0-7020-3225-7  LIBRIS-ID:11587160 



This course is in English and starts Monday 18st September. It is important that you register on the course in Ladok before the 18st in order to get access to all the course material on Canvas. The course is a mixture of recorded lectures, some live lectures and seminars. The seminars are voluntary this year and will be held on campus. Attendance is highly recommended. There are also compulsory laboratory practicals in November and they are on campus in Flemingsberg. The exams will also take place on campus.

Important: This course must be passed in order to progress to term 3.



Schedule is published on TimeEdit here, two weeks before the start of the semester, at it latest. Please check the timetable regularly as changes can occur. 


OBS! Preliminary dates for repeats exams for OBM1 during the spring term.



The repeat exams

Only do the sections related to the ILOs that you haven’t passed already.

The dates for these exams will appear in Canvas and on this public course page as soon as they are finalised.

ALL students are required to register their participation for repeat examinations. Registration is normally done via Ladok.


Apply for Tillgodoräknande

If you have done a similar course before and would like to apply for Tillgodoräknande for a part or all of the course, send your application by post with all the necessary documents to our course administration at the following address:

Mona Wahlström

Karolinska institutet

Institutionen för laboratoriemedicin / ANA Futura


Alfred Nobels allé 8, plan 8

141 52 Huddinge

If you are on campus, you can leave your application at the student expedition in ANA Futura, floor 8, Alfred Nobels Allé 8.  Take Lift B or C (not lift A).

You may scan in all the documents and email them to mona.wahlstrom@ki.se but the original paper copy is also needed to process the application.

Information to students first registered on the course September 2022 or earlier.

Contact your studievägledare for information about registering on this years course.


Contact the course coordinator Maura Heverin (maura.heverin@ki.se) or the course administrator (mona.wahlstrom@ki.se) to request access to the course on Canvas.

If you attended the compulsory seminars last year, then you do not need to attend this year. However, if you think they would help you study, then you are welcome to attend this year’s seminars.

If you completed the compulsory laboratory assignments already, then you should not attend them this year.

For embryology, if you did the presentation already, you should not do it this year. If you missed or failed the presentation, then you need to do it this year.

The exams. Look at Ladok to check what modules you have already passed and what modules you need to resit this year.

If you passed an ILO for a moment last year, it is counted this year and does needs to be repeated.




Kursanalys och kursvärdering

Kursutvärdering kommer att genomföras enligt de riktlinjer som är fastställda av Styrelsen för utbildning.


Maura Heverin

Mona Wahlström